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K-State Libraries move to Libraryh3lp for IM service

IM logo for Libraryh3lp

In September, K-State Libraries received more than 450 questions via instant messaging, the majority from students using the Libraries’ web-based chat widgets. Also that month, the Libraries switched its web chat service from Meebo (used October 2006-August 2008) to Libraryh3lp.  It allows K-Staters to contact the library through their personal instant messaging (IM) accounts — AIM, GTalk, Jabber, Meebo, MSN, or Yahoo — as well as the Libraries’ web-based chat widgets.

The Libraryh3lp service is more versatile and has several advantages:

  • Multiple operators can monitor chat queues simultaneously.
  • Chats can be transferred to other staff queues or operators within the Libraryh3lp management system.
  • Users can share files with a library staff member.
  • Users can e-mail themselves a copy of the chat transcript.

Libraryh3lp chat widgets

The Libraryh3lp widget, which displays as a purple box with “Click here to chat with a librarian” (shown at right) is posted on several websites:

Patrons enter a question in the text box and a library staff member will respond shortly. For more information about Libraryh3lp and K-State Libraries’ virtual reference program, see:

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