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K-State’s IDOS blog covers instructional design for e-learning

The IDOS instructional web blog at K-State
The IDOS instructional web blog at K-State

Since its inception in 2006, the Instructional Design Open Studio (IDOS) blog (id.ome.ksu.edu/blog) has addressed issues of instructional design for e-learning. Instructional design refers to the application of pedagogical theory, educational research, and high-tech expertise in the building of learning — through digital learning objects, modules, digital short courses, automated learning, immersive learning, and long courses.

This blog originated at Kansas State University and is hosted by the Information Technology Assistance Center (iTAC).

The blog entries are tagged by a range of different categories. This list has expanded as the technologies have evolved and as new pedagogical methods have emerged.

The IDOS blog may be reached at id.ome.ksu.edu/blog.

Credits: Andrea Mendoza created the IDOS blog logo. Josh Works maintains the technological back end. A pseudonymous blogger named Eruditio Loginquitas writes the blog entries.