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K-State personal cellphone service to be discontinued after Oct. 1

K-State Computing and Telecommunications Services (CTS) is discontinuing cellphone service for personal accounts, after Oct. 1. A letter was recently sent to K-Staters who have a cellphone that will be affected by this change, and those customers will need to make a change in how they receive services. Available options may differ depending on the contract status.

Those under contract for cellphone service with K-State CTS have two options:

  • Option 1. Go to any cellular phone provider of your choice and sign up for service with a new contract. Your K-State CTS contract will be terminated when you return your phone in working condition to CTS. If you pre-paid for any part of the phone’s cost, that amount will be refunded to your account.
  • Option 2. Keep your phone and pay the remaining amount that is left on the contract. You may then take your phone to US Cellular and sign up for a plan without a contract.  To keep your phone number, you must still complete a “change of responsibility” form. This phone will only work with US Cellular.

Those not under contract for cellphone service with K-State CTS have two options:

  • Option 1. Keep your phone and complete a “change of responsibility” form with US Cellular prior to Oct. 1. You must go to a US Cellular store to complete this transfer.
  • Option 2. Port your phone number to any other cellular provider. However, your current phone will only work with US Cellular services.

Regardless of which option is chosen, K-State customers will be able to keep their current telephone number as long as they choose a new provider by Oct. 1. K-State CTS will disconnect all phones after this date, and customers will no longer be eligible to transfer their current phone number.

For more information, contact the CTS office at 785-532-7001.