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Faculty: Let K-State Research Exchange increase the impact of your research

Want to increase the number of citations to your articles, book chapters, and other scholarly work? After it’s published, deposit your work in K-REx, K-State’s Research Exchange repository!

More than 50 K-State faculty already know the benefits of making their work available in K-REx. For example, Jana Hawley’s (Department of Apparel, Textiles, and Interior Design) book chapters on textile recycling have been viewed in K-REx more than 600 times.

Items in K-REx are openly accessible on the Web and indexed in Google, Google Scholar, and other search engines, increasing the number of faculty, researchers, and students who are able to find those works.  A study of more than 1 million journal articles published during a 10-year period showed articles available in repositories like K-REx were cited in other scholarly publications 35 percent to nearly 200 percent more than articles available only through paid access.

Most publishers allow authors to deposit their work in an institutional repository after publication, and K-State Libraries checks each item to ensure it complies with copyright. K-REx also provides a safe home for your work, including a permanent web address (URL).

The submission process is quick and easy, so contact Marty Courtois, 785-532-4428, courtois@k-state.edu for details on how to deposit your work in K-REx.