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Largest academic research supercomputer in Kansas is Beocat at K-State

Did you know that K-State has the largest academic research supercomputer in Kansas? “Beocat” is a computer cluster supporting research projects across campus with some pretty serious computational  horsepower — 1,000 cores in over 100 machines, which gang up to tackle big problems that on a single PC might take months or years to finish.

Typical uses include things like:

  • Trying to figure out which genetic markers correlate to various traits such as drought resistance or disease susceptibility in plants
  • Modeling water usage in the Ogallala Aquifer
  • Simulating the ability of a drug to penetrate a cellular membrane

Groups across campus have contributed machines, time, and funding to help build this great asset for research computation at K-State.

For more information, contact Dan Andresen (785-532-6350, dan@k-state.edu) or see beocat.cis.ksu.edu.