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Flipcams are small, but mighty!

At the Nov. 5 TechBytes session, Christopher Lavergne, Department of Communications, discussed the use of “Flip Cams in the Classroom”. Flipcams (or Flip Video camcorders) are very small, affordable, and easy-to-use video cameras.

Discussion covered how flipcams are a product of viral marketing and allow us to meet the students where they are — on cellphones, YouTube, and other social-networking venues. This enables us to merge education with viral media.

Examples mentioned at the session for using flipcams in the classroom included:

  • Student-filmed oral presentations
  • Digital ethnographies (art, architecture)
  • Technology tutorials (engineering, agriculture)
  • Field trips (horticulture, arts & sciences
  • Public relations tool (journalism, marketing)
  • Group evaluations

Visit the TechBytes site to view the entire Flip Cam session.