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New K-State TV programs: 30 Odd Minutes, Cinemaniacs, NASA 360


K-State TV has added three new programs to their already diversely rich weekly schedule. On K-State TV, viewers can find many unique and interesting programs not found anywhere else. New programs added to the lineup are

  • 30 Odd Minutes
  • Cinemaniacs
  • NASA 360

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30 Odd Minutes brings a unique look at all aspects of the paranormal, including ghosts, UFOs, ancient mysteries, psychic phenomena, conspiracies, cryptozoology, legends, and magic. Host Jeff Belanger and the 30 Odd Crew take a lighthearted approach and offer live interviews with experts from all over the world who bring visual and audio evidence of the paranormal.

Cinemaniacs is a hosted program that reviews the latest theatrical releases as well as upcoming DVD releases. Explosive! Dynamite! A must-see!

NASA 360 is a half-hour program produced by the National Institute of Aerospace for NASA. By examining how technologies developed by and for NASA are used in everything from space exploration to everyday consumer products, NASA 360 showcases how NASA changes our lives in positive ways. The program appeals to all ages, but is crafted to reach the Gen X and Y demographic.

For specific air dates and times to catch these new programs, or to see what other programming is available, check out the weekly programming schedule.