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Keeping up with IT security news at K-State

The world of IT security is very dynamic — the threats are constant, persistent, and evolving, as are the tools and strategies for combating the threats. To help K-Staters sift through the volumes of IT security information produced daily, K-State’s IT security team maintains an IT security threats blog with information gleaned from a variety of sources. Information is posted about new vulnerabilities and/or patches in applications used commonly at K-State, current attacks seen at K-State, warnings about spear phishing scams and other forms of fraud, and other security-related news relevant to K-State.

To accommodate the variety of ways people prefer to get information, K-State’s IT security news is available in several ways:

  1. Webpage – visit the K-State IT Security Threats Blog daily
  2. E-mail – subscribe to the SIRT-THREATS mailing list
  3. Twitter – follow KSU_IT_Threats on Twitter
  4. RSS feed

You can also visit the IT security threats blog and click on the appropriate icon in the upper right corner of the page:


The information posted to this blog is pretty technical and geared more towards campus IT support staff. However, any user should be able to glean some useful information and thereby help protect themselves and K-State’s valuable information and technology resources.

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