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Reminder about textbook information and reporting

March 22 marked the beginning of fall enrollment, warranting a reminder about the availability of textbook information in K-State’s course schedule and the need for faculty to report textbook information when they know the textbook they will use. In addition:

  • If there is no textbook for a course, this information must be provided to the bookstore.
  • If a faculty member does not yet know textbook information, the default statement “to be determined” will be listed, and the textbook information submitted as soon as the decision is made.
  • Faculty members who typically have worked through Claflin Books and Copies in Manhattan can continue to do so, but also need to complete the request for textbooks from the K-State Bookstores, so the textbook information can be made available to students. Claflin Books and Copies is posting textbook information on their website (www.claflinbooks.com).
  • A handout on reporting textbook information for the K-State Bookstores (K-State Student Union and Varney’s) is available at www.k-state.edu/isishelp/faculty.

Students will be able to view the textbook and supplemental materials 1) When they choose Class Search or View my class schedule within iSIS, a textbook icon will link them to the appropriate bookstore; and 2) From the textbook icon  available on the Course Schedule for Summer/Fall 2010 classes  (courses.k-state.edu).  Students can purchase textbooks anywhere (bookstores, Internet, etc.).

For assistance with providing textbook information, faculty will call the appropriate bookstore in Manhattan or Salina. For assistance locating information related to textbooks in iSIS or from the online course schedule, faculty can call the IT Help Desk at 785-532-7722.