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Leaving K-State (an IT what-to-do checklist)

Do I continue to have access to my eID? Can I keep my e-mail Inbox? Is my eID recycled? These and other questions are addressed on the Preparing to Leave K-State webpages.

A short list of responsibilities and other to-do tasks prior to leaving K-State include:

1. Sign in to eprofile.k-state.edu and forward your e-mail.

2. Copy any files you are entitled to keep, including:

  • Your e-mail Inbox and messages/folders
  • Files on your office workstation
  • Files on the central Unix system
  • Your personal webpages

3. After you leave K-State, continue to access K-State Online, iSIS, the eProfile page, etc., without interruption, by changing your eID password during each password change period (August-September, and January-February).

After your K-State student/employee affiliation ends (180 days after you leave K-State), your files, personal webpage, and e-mail associated with your eID will be destroyed and removed from the central backup systems.

For additional responsibilities, seeĀ www.k-state.edu/infotech/leaving.

If you need help, contact the IT Help Desk, 785-532-7722.