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Q/A: Cellphone discounts for state employees?

I want to get a new personal cellphone and am looking at various models. 1) Is it true that State of Kansas employees can get discounts on their monthly personal cellphone plans? 2) What cellphones sync with K-State’s Zimbra calendar?

1. Cellphone discounts for State of Kansas employees. 
Some cellphone providers do offer discounts for state employees. See the State Thanks And Recognition (STAR) program (at www.da.ks.gov/star) and, in particular, the cellphone discounts that can include:

  • Monthly phone plan discounts of 15 percent or more
  • Discounts on cellphones and accessories
  • Reduced or waived activation fees

Also ask the store staff where you’re planning to buy a cellphone. You may need to go online and complete a form to get the discount, and it may take 1-2 billing cycles before the discount is implemented.

2. Mobile devices that work with the K-State Zimbra calendar.
These are listed in an InfoTech Tuesday June 29 article and also on the Connecting to K-State Zimbra webpage, in the Mobile device configuration section.

Note it says new mobile devices are “being released regularly from nearly every cellular service provider. As a result, not every device has been tested with K-State systems. Please consult with IT Help Desk or your information technology support person before purchasing a device to determine if it provides the specific functionality you require.”

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