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Spotlight: David Hockney in pixels (iPhone/iPad art)

Artist David Hockney’s new work uses no brush, ink, paint, or paper… and it was e-mailed to the curator for the exhibit at the Pierre Berge-Yves St. Laurent Foundation in Paris (Oct. 20-Jan. 30, 2011). First using an iPhone and the Brushes app, Hockney created works on the iPhone surface, which was followed with experimenting using the iPad.

Fresh Flowers (Fleurs Fraiches), the title of the exhibit, displays 20 iPhones and 20 iPads with Hockney’s art and is always on for the duration of the exhibit (24 hours a day). Once the exhibit is over, the works will disappear.

To hear the interview or read more about the artist and his work, see National Public Radio’s article, “In Paris, A Display From Hockney’s Pixelated Period“.

A video of the exhibit and an interview with the artist is available on the Pierre Berge-Yves St. Laurent Foundation site.