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eID password deadline is Feb. 9 (next week)

The spring 2011 deadline for changing passwords on K-State eIDs is Wednesday, Feb. 9. This mandatory password change each fall and spring applies to individual eIDs and group eIDs.

Be aware that passwords can now be longer — up to 30 characters — and can include blank spaces. All other criteria remain the same. The Password FAQs list the complete password criteria, plus tips on choosing a good password.

  1. To change your password, sign in on the eid.k-state.edu website, click “Change your eID password”, and follow the steps.
  2. Forgot your password? Call or visit the IT Help Desk (785-532-7722, 214 Hale Library) and verify your identity. Staff can assign a temporary password so you can sign in.
  3. Remember: K-State will NEVER ask for your password via e-mail.

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