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eID password deadline is Wednesday, Feb. 9 (spring 2011)

Wednesday, Feb. 9, is the last day for all K-Staters to change the passwords on their K-State eIDs for the spring semester. This mandatory password change occurs each fall and spring, and applies to both individual eIDs and group eIDs. After Feb. 9, unchanged passwords will lose access to K-State e-mail, iSIS, K-State Online, the university computing labs, and other IT services.

Last year’s updated password requirements make it easier to select a password by allowing:

  • A phrase with several words and spaces
  • Up to 30 characters (7 minimum)

Remember that K-State will NEVER ask for your password via e-mail. Any e-mail that does so is a scam and should be deleted immediately.

  • To change your password, sign in on the eProfile website. Click “Change your eID password or password-reset options” and follow the steps.
  • Forgot your password? Call the IT Help Desk, 785-532-7722, and verify your identity. Staff can set a temporary password for you so you can sign in.
  • For more about passwords (including how to choose a good one), see the Password FAQs.

E-mail reminders are typically sent to K-Staters with unchanged passwords prior to the password deadline. If you have any questions about eID passwords, contact the IT Help Desk (785-532-7722, helpdesk@k-state.edu).

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