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Microsoft Campus Agreement: Work-at-home software available

Information Technology Services began offering eligible faculty/staff use of the following software at home for work-related purposes effective Monday, Feb. 28:

  • Windows 7 Professional Upgrade (32-bit/64-bit)
  • Office Professional Plus 2010
  • Office Mac Standard 2011

The software is not available for personal use. K-Staters can purchase the software for personal use under the Microsoft Select Agreement at the K-State Student Union Computer Store.

Note to departments: Free software downloads of Microsoft’s operating systems and the Microsoft Office Suite are available for all university-owned computers.  See the Jan. 18 Microsoft Campus Agreement article.

Some employee classifications are not included in the Work-at-Home agreement due to the nature of their position at K-State. Faculty/staff in Veterinary Medicine have a separate licensing agreement in their college. GRAs and GTAs also are not included in the Work-at-Home program.

Distribution of this software will be handled by the Information Technology Assistance Center (iTAC) receptionist in Hale Library, Room 214. Qualified faculty/staff will be asked to sign a written consent agreeing to the conditions of the Work-at-Home program. A copy of the software will be provided along with a copy of the signed consent form.

Contact the iTAC reception desk by calling 785-532-4918, e-mailing itacrecp@k-state.edu , or walking in 8 a.m.-6 p.m. Monday through Friday.