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SSL VPN service now available to all K-Staters

As part of an ongoing project to decommission the aging hardware that is currently supporting most VPN services at K-State, all users with an active K-State eID are now enabled to use the new SSL-based VPN (K-State Virtual Private Network) and the Cisco AnyConnect client. The new client:

  • Is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Is simpler to configure
  • Should work better than the older IPSEC-based client in more restrictive network environments

Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology allows remote users to access campus resources in an authenticated and encrypted manner over the Internet. It provides a secure “tunnel” between your computer and the VPN server on campus to ensure the data remains secure in transmission.

This is particularly helpful when connecting to the Internet using unsecured networks and public WiFi locations like airports, hotels and coffee shops.

There are two “tunnel groups” that will be available to all users:

  • .KStateVPN – This is known as a “split tunnel” and will only encrypt traffic to and from K-State network addresses (preferred for most situations)
  • .KStateVPNFull – This is known as a “full tunnel” and will encrypt all Internet traffic and route it through the VPN server (best for unsecured public WiFi locations)

Visit K-State’s VPN website for more information and installation instructions.