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“Video and imaging” demos at technology showcase March 13

(Author’s note:  This is the second in a series about the faculty demonstrations scheduled for K-State’s technology showcase March 13. Information is excerpted from the complete list of faculty demonstrations on the ksushowcase.wordpress.com website.)  

The Teaching, Learning, and Technology Showcase is 10 a.m.-1:30 p.m. Tuesday, March 13, in the K-State Student Union Ballroom. All faculty/staff are invited to attend free and see demos, visit with vendors, and win prizes. Pre-registration is required at ksushowcase.wordpress.com/registration and closes March 9.

No one can deny the impact of video and images on learning.  These faculty demonstrations March 13 will show tools, processes, and results when using video and imaging.

Using a Video Camera to Enhance F2F and Online Learning — Video cameras are a great tool to enhance learning from face-to-face experiences, especially in courses where social dynamics or group dynamics are addressed.  Recorded experiences can then be uploaded to K-State Online for archiving and viewing.  Learn how to easily use a video camera to enhance classroom or online learning experiences.

Unlock the Secrets of the Universe With Video Green Screening — See how using green screen in video can be used to enhance video for use in your online or face-to-face classroom. Come by and experience it for yourself as we put you in virtually any environment. You’ll see yourself on screen with motivating/creative and educational backgrounds. The potential power of this tool is virtually limitless, feel the power!

How to Illustrate Your Instructor-made Videos — Instructional materials may be more effective when they contain clear visual images that illustrate the principles being taught. Learn methods for creating effective illustrations from public-domain resources, your still photos and video footage, and your own drawings and animations.

Visions of Students Video Collage With HTML5 — Visions of Students Today is a “video collage” about student life created by students themselves and presented using the wonders of HTML5, allowing them to “cite” books and videos that are being presented in the remix as they are being shown.

Video Streaming / Adobe Connect (Internet-based communications tools) — Video streaming offers opportunities for live broadcasts of seminars, workshops, and special guest speakers, plus recordings for playback.  Adobe Connect is used for online webinars, research collaboration, teaching at a distance, and as an online meeting tool.

Digital Innovations in Research, Learning, and Discovery at K-State Libraries — Learn about instructional videos and other learning objects that can be created and embedded into courses.  (Also: demos of the newly created “Librarian” role in K-State Online and ways to “embed” a librarian into courses; the new LibGuides platform for customizing course and subject-guide research; and a new discovery tool for finding articles, books, and more with a single search.)

“She Told Me Stories”: Documentary Kansas History Film Project — Screening of the film “She Told Me Stories,” created by K-State faculty and students in 2011, will be followed by project members discussing the filmmaking process. A grant from the Kansas Humanities Council allowed K-State faculty and students to visit eight Kansas towns and the Kickapoo Nation to interview community historians, family memorykeepers, and others about the Kansas history they have preserved and their activities as preservers of culture. The team learned technical and interview skills to conduct video interviews, and FinalCut Pro was used to edit over 200 hours of film into the 50-minute documentary.

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