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Handing down or selling an iPad? A tip to make it a secure transition

With the release of the new iPad last week, many are looking to sell, trade in, or hand down their old iPad. Chances are your iPad is full of personal data such as email, documents, photos, and social applications that auto-log-in to your accounts such as Twitter and Facebook. If not properly handled, the receiving party could gain access to this and other data that may be stored on the iPad.

By following this very simple process before handing over your old iPad to someone else,  you exponentially reduce the chances that your data can be recovered.

To securely delete your old iPad’s information and return it to the factory default settings you want for your iPad:

1. Go to Setting.
2. Go to General in the left-hand column.
3. Scroll to the bottom of the General column on the right-hand side.
4. Select Reset at the very bottom.
5. Finally, select Erase All Content and Settings and follow the prompts.

When completed, your old iPad will be restored to the factory default settings and be ready for the next person to set it up as their own.