Dell warranty options when buying a new computer

When purchasing a new Dell computer for your department, you may wonder “Which is the best warranty to get to ensure that iTAC can service it under the provisions of the warranty?”

Dell offers an array of warranty options that may or may not meet your needs. For the service that iTAC offers, it is recommended to purchase the less expensive “Basic Hardware Service”. This provides a decent savings over purchasing the “ProSupport” service.

Since K-State is considered a “self maintainer” under the Dell warranty service, we are still able to get warranty parts shipped to us the next business day without the need of purchasing a more expensive warranty (due to the volume of repairs, actual repair times will vary).

Also, by using our service you do not need to work through Dell phone support to troubleshoot your computer before they send a part. If you bring your computer to us (via the IT Help Desk), we have been authorized by Dell to troubleshoot and repair the computer on their behalf.

Two warranty services we do encourage you to consider when purchasing a new computer from Dell are “Accidental Damage” and “keep your hard drive”. Accidental damage warranty covers the computer in case of damage by dropping or liquid spills. This has saved individuals and departments hundreds and sometimes over $1,000 in repair costs for a damaged computer.

The keep your hard drive option allows us to replace a dead or malfunctioning hard drive without needing to return the old one back to Dell. This allows us to comply with the K-State data disposal policy.

If you have any questions about warranty options to meet your needs, contact the IT Help Desk at 785-532-7722 and ask for a member of the iTAC Client Services staff.

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