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Equipment checkout: Tripods available in four types

Whether you’re an aspiring photographer, budding cinematographer, or just wanting to capture some memories, you’ll most likely want not only a camera but a tripod as well. Well, look no further, because the Equipment Checkout service has options for you.

We carry four basic types of tripods that range from small to quite large.

First, we have monopods. This is what you would use if you just want to steady a camera while sitting in confined quarters, such as in a row at a graduation ceremony. Like most tripods, it attaches at the base of your camera but, unlike other tripods, only one portion touches the ground.

Second, we have our smaller tripods. They extend to about five feet in height and are compact as well as lightweight. The brands that we carry are Promaster and Pearstone.

Third, we have a bit larger tripods that are also Pearstone tripods. Averaging about seven feet in height, these are ideal for large or small cameras. They have a wide enough base and are sturdy enough for a large camera, but also not so large as to make operating a small camera difficult.

Lastly, we have our large Manfrotto tripods. These tripods are quite large and stand at almost five feet unextended. We recommend these if you are using one of our larger cameras. They are perfect if you are recording for an extended period of time and the camera is heavy.

These tripods are available for current K-State students and employees to check out.  Stop by iTAC’s Equipment Checkout at 214 Hale Library, and let us find the equipment that best fits your needs.

by Sharnée Hudgins, iTAC student receptionist