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KeepandShare.com provides free work tools for group collaboration

Keepandshare.com is an online, web-based resource with free, lifetime individual accounts for group collaboration. It includes many tools used by working groups, including:

  • Online calendars
  • File management
  • To-do lists
  • Photo sharing
  • Online databases
  • and more

The site, which went live in 2004, is totally “in the cloud” — no software required, and all you need is a computer or mobile device to access the Web. The free mobile version works on iPhone, Android, iPad, and BlackBerry.

Keepandshare.com also provides essential privacy controls, so users can specify who has access to what resources, and whether they have read-only or read-write access. And colleagues and friends don’t need a keepandshare.com account in order to collaborate with you; all you do is email them a secure link and password to grant access to specified documents, photos, to-do lists, calendars, etc.

Note that the site is NOT a social network. As the homepage says, “KeepandShare is a private network for easy and secure private sharing for groups of people who already know each other. It’s a place to get work done. It’s for sharing digital material with those you are closely related to. It’s not a place to meet people or find free stuff.”

For example, keepandshare.com is being used to collect pictures for the annual SIDLIT conference, said Rebecca Gould, K-State iTAC director. “The user receives an email address showing where to send pictures and uses the subject line to tag the pictures. Then there is a collective grouping of pictures from an event. The organizers of  SIDLIT are crowdsourcing photography for the event without having one individual in charge of photography.”

For more about the site, visit KeepandShare.com. And, as always, remember that internal, confidential, and proprietary data should not be shared with third-party services.

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