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Windows RT: Is it right for me?

The Windows RT operating system came out in October, at the same time as Windows 8.  Windows RT:

  • Is a slightly different version of Windows 8
  • Is designed for portable  devices (typically tablet computers) that are using an ARM processor
  • Cannot be purchased alone, but comes pre-installed on select devices

It’s important for K-Staters to realize several things about Windows RT:

  1. Current versions of software will not work on Windows RT. Only applications from the Windows store can be installed. (See the Nov. 15 article “Check compatibility of software, hardware with Windows 7, 8, and RT operating systems” in IT News.)
  2. Remote Desktop is not a feature of Windows RT.  For example, this means an RT device cannot remotely access an office desktop computer.
  3. For K-Staters who are using domains, it needs to be noted that an RT device cannot be joined to a domain. If you have any questions, visit with your departmental computer support staff.

On the brighter side, Windows RT has a few advantages. Devices using Windows RT are usually cheaper than those using Windows 8.  And, a free Home/Student version of Microsoft Office 2013 comes pre-installed with Windows RT.

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