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The NodeXL Series: Downloading NodeXL (Part 2)

Once you’ve made sure that your computer and version of MS Office (particularly Excel) is compatible with NodeXL, you may be ready to download this free add-in.

To download the NodeXL add-in, go to the CodePlex site.  At the top right is a button that reads “download.”

A zipped folder of files will be available for download.

Save the file by clicking “OK.”

When you double click on the zipped folder, you will see the contents.


Find the file that is titled “Setup.” Double-click on that Application file to launch the setup.  The following pop-up window will appear.

Click “Run.”  The Windows Installer window will appear with the verified publisher.  Click “Yes” to proceed with the installation.

The NodeXL Excel Template Setup window will appear.

You may choose to register (probably advisable) or to continue with the installation without registering.   The NodeXL Excel Template may be accessed from the desktop icon.

The NodeXL tab in the NodeXL template looks like the following.

The most current version currently is the beta version.

Final Note:  NodeXL is a free and open-source tool that is available from Microsoft’s CodePlex site (which is a space for project hosting for open-source software), and it is sponsored by the Social Media Research Foundation.