Office 365: Information for cleaning out your Zimbra mail

by Information Technology Services

The summer is a great time to clean out old email messages, delete unused email folders, etc.  On May 9, we suggested this in preparation for the email migration to Office 365 in a K-State Today article. A question at the time was “How much is too much email?” Office 365 has specific storage quotas for email, which includes your total mail — Inbox and folders. 

How much mail do you have? Mouseover your name in the webmail client to determine the size of your Zimbra account. To determine the size of a folder, mouseover an email folder, and a display will indicate the number of messages and file size.

Information Technology Services is in the process of contacting individuals with Zimbra accounts that are larger than 22 gigabytes of data.  Mailboxes over 25GB will have issues migrating data. At 24.75GB, users will not be able to send email. At 25GB, users will not be able to send or receive email.

Some suggestions for cleaning up your mailbox:

  • Empty spam and trash folders.
  • Delete emails that are unsolicited notes, invitations, drafts, emails used to set up meetings, or personal materials
  • Evaluate email that is 5-7 years old or older and determine if it can be removed or deleted.
  • Determine if mailing-list emails can be deleted. Many are archived at

To make it easy to sort mail by size, see the Knowledge Base article Sorting by size in Zimbra. This will expedite viewing of the largest messages.

Consider migrating to Outlook, which is the preferred email client for storing email locally, because it can be attached to Office 365 later this summer to allow for further email management. Follow the instructions below on how to connect Outlook to Zimbra via IMAP, and how to move email to local folders.

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