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Graduate students and faculty: New ETDR Handbook provides overviews, details, and more

Graduate students: Is this the semester you start working on your thesis, dissertation, or report?  If so, don’t write a single word until you download the new ETDR Handbook (PDF, 42 pages).  Compiled this summer by the ETDR consultants in the Information Technology Assistance Center, the handbook is a complete guide to formatting and submitting your electronic thesis, dissertation, or report (ETDR), including a thorough overview of all the Graduate School formatting requirements

In addition, the handbook provides extensive information on using the ETDR Word template.  Compatible with all versions of Word (Mac and Windows), the template is the most important component in making your writing go as smoothly as possible.  Similarly, for students using LaTeX, the handbook gives an introduction to using the ETDR LaTeX template.

Once your writing is finished and you’ve passed your defense, the handbook describes how to submit your ETDR (electronically, of course) to the Graduate School.  The handbook does not cover how to celebrate after you’ve graduated, but you can figure that out on your own!