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Technology classes include iPad, photography, cybersecurity at UFM Community Learning Center

Those who want to learn more about technology this fall can tap into the UFM Community Learning Center’s low-cost classes at www.tryufm.org, where the philosophy is “everyone can teach, everyone can learn.”  UFM is a creative educational program serving Kansas State University, the Manhattan area, and the state of Kansas.  

Class descriptions below have been excerpted from the UFM Fall 2013 Catalog.  

  • Get Organized, Informed & Entertained with the iPad (Sept. 17). “This will introduce you to the world of iPad apps! Learn about apps available for organizing your work, school and personal schedules, making grocery shopping easier, brain teasers and education, social media and current events. Find apps for you and the whole family! Learn about Apple TV and how it can transform your entertainment experience with sitcoms, sports channels and movies.”
  • Introduction to Digital Photography: The Basics (starts Sept. 19). “This class will focus on the basic concepts of photography and using your camera. To get the most from the class, participants should have a digital camera that users can set the f-stop and shutter speed for (DSLR’s and most advanced compact cameras will have a manual, aperture priority or shutter priority mode that will work for this).”
  • Computer Skills 101 (starts Oct. 8). “This orientation to computers is ideal for those who have had little exposure to computers. There will be an overview of parts of the computer and terminology including: desktop, menus, mouse instruction, scrolling, clicking, keying (typing), saving, and basic Internet skills.”
  • Online Introduction to Photography (starts Oct. 28). “This class will focus on the basic concepts of photography and using your camera. … Each week videos on various topics will be covered (approximately 2 hours per week) and on Saturdays students will have a chance to meet at locations around Manhattan to practice what was covered in the weekly videos.”
  • Cyber Security: It Affects You, Too! (Nov. 4). “Do you know how to stay safe on the Internet? This course is for anyone with little or no cyber security experience and teaches important concepts and technology that every Internet user should know. In this class, you will learn about many different threats, antivirus programs, firewalls, anti-spyware, identity theft, Phishing, how to create strong passwords and more.”

The www.tryufm.org website has details on classes and registration.

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