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UFM technology classes for spring 2015: ebooks, computers, Adobe, photography, geocaching

Low-cost classes on technology topics are available to K-Staters this spring semester on ebooks, computer skills, Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, digital photography, and geocaching, through the UFM Community Learning Center. Classes fill up fast, so call 785-539-8763 or register online at the www.tryufm.org website.  

UFM is a creative educational program that serves Kansas State University, the Manhattan area, and the state of Kansas. Based on the philosophy that “everyone can learn and everyone can teach,” UFM works with many volunteers to select topics and schedule classes.  

Class descriptions and dates below are excerpted from the website.

  • Accessing eBooks and Digital Magazines with your iPad is Tuesday, March 31.  iPads will be provided for this hands-on class, which will explore what’s available in your local library’s digital collections.
  • Computer Skills 101 is on Mondays, April 6-27.  This orientation to computers is ideal for those who have had little exposure to computers.
  • Introduction to Adobe Lightroom is on Tuesdays/Thursdays, Jan. 27-Feb. 5. All modules of Lightroom (library, development, slideshow, print, and web) will be covered.
  • Introduction to Adobe Photoshop is on Tuesdays/Thursdays, Feb. 17-26. The class will cover an introduction to image processing using Photoshop Elements and basic adjustments such as cropping and images, adjusting tonality, color correction, an introduction to layers, and more.
  • Introduction to Digital Photography: The Basics is on Thursdays/Saturdays, April 9-30. To get the most from the class, participants should have a digital camera that users can set the f-stop and shutter speed for.
  • Intro to Geocaching is Saturday, April 4.  The first hour of the class will cover the terms, basic information and how-to.  After that, the class will be hands-on and geocaching will take place on the KSU campus and close to UFM.

See the tryufm.org website for more details and to register for classes.

If you want to teach a topic or have suggestions for class topics, email info@tryufm.org.

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