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K-State Online: Excuse an assignment

K-StateOnline_Todayby Information Technology Services

Every month, updates and new features are added to K-State Online powered by Canvas. This month, we have a new feature that will give instructors the ability to Excuse an Assignment in the Gradebook.

Assignments can now be excused by adding EX in the appropriate cell of the Gradebook. Excused assignments will not be included in the calculation for a student’s total grade. Students can also be excused from a Group Assignment; the other members of the group will still be able to view and submit the assignment.

To see all the updates and new features in Canvas, view the Canvas Production Release Notes.

To learn more about Canvas training opportunities, view the training page on the K-State Online powered by Canvas website. Remember, all K-State courses need to be upgraded to K-State Online powered by Canvas by Dec. 31.