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K-State Online February updates

by Information Technology ServicesKSOL Info

Updates to Canvas were released on February 20. Canvas operates on a monthly release cycle through which features are added or updated on the third weekend of the month. To see all the new features and fixed bugs, view the complete February Release Notes. In addition to the Canvas release, Information Technology Services releases updates to services and integrations with K-State Online through the month as necessary.

The following updates have been made in K-State Online:

  • Scantron–The Scantron tools for K-State Online continue to be refined based on feedback from faculty and staff. View the Scantron webpage for the latest information and most current step-by-step instructions. We are acting on feedback for improved quiz/answer key creation, more print paper version options, better bad card/unmatched student resolution experience and a smoother workflow.  We appreciate your feedback and support.
  • Grade Sorting–When students view the Grades page, they can sort grades by due date, module, assignment title, or assignment group. By default, sorting is by due date. If modules or assignment groups aren’t used in a course, they won’t be included as sorting options.
  • Sidebar Enhancements–Dashboard sidebar content includes more white space and enlarged font sizes for better readability. All sidebar areas include the name of the course, and assignments also include the total number of points. Instructors have a count of the number of items.
  • Analytics–Account, course, and user analytics graphs have been improved for accessibility and readability; changes do not affect current functionality.
  • Quiz Statistics Updates–The Quiz Statistics page has been updated for accessibility. The overall statistics graph no longer includes an option to view a specific segment. Instead, the graph includes a Y-axis that indicates the percentage of students who received a specific score.

To keep up-to-date on the latest news, view the K-State Online webpage.