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Mediasite June migration

Mediasiteby Information Technology Services

Mediasite services and content will migrate from the current cloud-hosted provider to on-campus servers during the month of June. In the last year alone, Mediasite has experienced a 360 percent growth in presentations, now totaling more than 17 thousand. With the continued growth of Mediasite, it has become fiscally advantageous to migrate to an on-campus installation.

Important key points:

  • During the migration, any new content or changes to existing content (edits, renaming presentations, etc.) may not be reflected on the new server once the migration is completed. For this reason, Mediasite users are strongly discouraged from adding new presentations or modifying existing ones during the month of June.
  • Summer courses and other university activities will require the ability to add Mediasite content during the migration period. Mediasite users can upload and change content, but you may need to resubmit your content and changes post-migration.
  • Mediasite users who anticipate uploading during June should send an email to mediasite@k-state.eduso the Mediasite administrators can pay special attention to your account, potentially reducing the amount of work you will need to redo post-migration.
  • Existing Mediasite presentations will be available for viewing throughout the migration.
  • Existing links to and embeds of Mediasite content hosted off-campus will continue to function for a period of time after the migration is complete. However, web content owners and others who maintain links to this content should plan to update their links as early as possible (a guide detailing how to do this will be made available toward the end of the migration process). ITS will make an effort to automatically update as many links and embeds as possible in Canvas courses.

To learn more about the Mediasite migration and follow the progress, view the Mediasite migration webpage.

Mediasite is a capture and distribution system that lets instructors create lectures and presentations videos. Students have the ability to watch this content on their computers or mobile devices. To learn more about the use of Mediasite at K-State, view the Mediasite website.