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Mediasite: Updated help and video tutorials

by Information Technology Servicesmediasite_kStateToday

Need help using Mediasite? Visit the updated Help & Training page on K-State’s Mediasite website.

On K-State’s Mediasite Help & Training page, you find valuable information including:

  • How To… — The “How To” pages describe how to perform popular actions in Mediasite.
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) — The frequently asked questions (FAQ) page answers questions you may have about Mediasite and directs you to relevant help and training resources.
  • Video Tutorials — The video tutorials demonstrate how to accomplish various tasks within Mediasite.
  • IT Knowledge Base — K-State’s IT Knowledge Base has a Mediasite section with instructions and answers about common tasks in Mediasite.
  • Playback Troubleshooting — If you are having trouble playing back a Mediasite presentation, the playback troubleshooting page contains some tools and tips to help you determine the cause of the issue.

Mediasite by Sonic Foundry is Kansas State University’s choice solution for capturing, managing and delivering instructional, rich media content across the web and in K-State Online. With more than one million content views, Mediasite empowers the university to incorporate video, slides and audio into the learning environment. To learn more, visit K-State’s Mediasite website.