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Library Resources now available in K-State Online

libraryby Information Technology Services

K-State Libraries strive to support all academic courses on campus. Now the connection will be more visible: Starting this semester, each course in K-State Online includes a Library Resources app in its navigation menu.

When students click on Library Resources, they will access webpages called “research guides” that librarians have created specifically for the course. In addition, they will see a list of databases relevant to the subject area.

Each librarian-developed research guide includes contact information for one or more librarians who have knowledge of the course’s subject area. Your students are always welcome to contact a librarian for help with library research.

If a research guide hasn’t been developed for a course, students will instead receive general information about library resources and services.

K-State Libraries’ faculty members manage the K-State Online Library Resources content, and are able to tailor it to your discipline or class. Contact your librarian or e-mail libhelp@ksu.edu.

The Library Resources app can be disabled for the course. For step-by-step instructions, view the Disabling the Library Resources app K-State Knowledge Base article.