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K-State Online January updates

by Information Technology ServicesK-State Online Info graphic

Updates to Canvas were released on Jan. 28. Canvas operates on a monthly release cycle, with features added or updated every three weeks.

To see all the new features and fixed bugs, view the complete January Release Notes. In addition to the Canvas release, Information Technology Services releases updates to services and integrations with K-State Online through the month as necessary.

The following updates have been made in K-State Online:

  • SCORM Content — SCORM content is included when copying or exporting a Canvas course. This feature helps instructors copy SCORM content seamlessly within Canvas. All SCORM packages display as they were created within the previous course.
  • MasteryPaths Assignment Descriptions — When instructors create MasteryPaths and allow students to choose their assignment path, students can view the entire description for each assignment. This change helps students understand what is required for each assignment and select their assignment path accordingly. The description content is content created for the assignment in the Rich Content Editor.
  • New Group Set Window — The structure supports randomly assigning students to a group by section. This feature aligns the Group Set menu found in the People page and allows instructors to specifically limit groups to users within a specific section. Section assignments also support instructors in large or cross-listed courses. When this option is selected, students are only grouped together with students from their own section.
  • Student Quiz Responses Clarification — When an instructor retains the default quiz option to let students see their quiz responses, the checkbox explanation text mentions that incorrect questions are included in student feedback. This text change helps clarify the functionality of the checkbox in that quiz responses include both the student’s responses and incorrect questions.
  • What-If Scores and Muted Assignments Bug Fix — When students view their grades, What-If Scores entered for muted assignments are calculated in the total grade. Explanation: When a student viewed the Grades page and entered a What-If Score for a muted assignment, the entered value wasn’t calculated in the total grade. Canvas code has been updated to calculate muted grades in What-If Score calculations.

To keep up to date on the latest news, view the K-State Online webpage.