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Two new features coming to K-State Online July 15

by Information Technology ServicesK-State Online Info graphic

Instructors will see two new features in K-State Online on Saturday, July 15.

The first new feature is the Course Home Page default, which previously went to the Recent Activity Stream. Now, it will default to the Modules page that has two links to help new instructors either Create a new Module or Add existing content through a course import. Instructors can still choose any home page for their course, but the default will be the Modules layout.

Image of Modules home page
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If Modules is set to be the home page but no modules content exists, Canvas will prompt the instructor to either publish a module or choose a different home page layout.

To learn how to change a course home page, view the article How do I change the Course Home Page.

The second new feature is the Course Setup Tutorial. When viewing Canvas course home pages, instructors can view a course setup tutorial, which shows the purpose of the page and what to do next. This course setup tutorial replaces the existing Course Setup Checklist.

The course setup tutorial is shown to new Canvas instructors in new courses. New instructors are defined as users with instructor roles created in an account after the new tutorial feature has been enabled. The course setup tutorial can be collapsed from view and is persistent across Canvas pages, so if the tutorial is collapsed in one page, it will stay collapsed until expanded again.

Image of Course Tutorial
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Instructors can end the tutorial series in any page using the End Tutorial button. However, ending the tutorial in one course applies to all other courses. Instructors can view the tutorial in new courses again at any time by accessing their User Settings page and enabling the Course Setup Tutorial user feature option. To learn more, view the article How do I use the Canvas course setup tutorial as an instructor.