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Umberger Hall Data Center has been decommissioned

by Information Technology Services

Information Technology Services has been working hard for several years to remove old equipment across the university as part of K-State’s Converged Infrastructure project for K-State 2025. On July 7, 2017, ITS decommissioned the Umberger Hall Data Center.

The Umberger Hall Data Center was established in December 2008, and at one point housed 38 servers and hosted 262 websites. The data center stored information for the College of Agriculture, College of Human Ecology, K-State Research and Extension (KSRE), and several other colleges and departments across K-State.

In 2015, the IT unit in KSRE merged with central ITS to provide additional services and an efficient allocation of resources. At that time, a decision was made to consolidate the Umberger Hall Data Center with the Hale Library Data Center.

photo of empty server racks at Umberger Hall
Empty server racks at Umberger Hall

The consolidation of data centers results in cost savings as well as savings in resource allocation. The operation and security of the Hale Library Data Center is overseen by Enterprise Server Technologies. Greg Dressman, EST director, commented, “The continued convergence of IT infrastructure at K-State exemplifies the commitment to reducing costs and increasing efficiencies.”

If you have questions, contact Greg Dressman, director of Enterprise Server Technologies, at dressman@ksu.edu or 785-532-2583.