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K-State Attendance app

by Information Technology Services

K-State Online Canvas comes with a built-in attendance app called Roll Call. However, many instructors found the app too complicated to use. In response, K-State has developed an alternative attendance app that was released at the beginning of 2017.

The K-State Attendance app has been overwhelmingly accepted and preferred by instructors. During spring 2017, only a couple of courses continued to use Roll Call attendance. Due to the lack of use of Roll Call, a decision has been to permanently retire the feature. Retiring Roll Call will help to declutter the course navigation, and eliminate any confusion of which app to use when taking attendance.

For fall 2017, the K-State Attendance app will be automatically enabled and the only way to take attendance in K-State Online. For detailed instructions on how to use the app, see the article Assign attendance with the K-State Attendance app in the K-State Knowledge Base.

The K-State Attendance app continues to be a work in progress. For fall 2017, a new Assignment feature has been added to the app. Now with K-State Online Attendance, instructors can convert attendance reporting to an assignment in Gradebook. Instructors only need to create on attendance assignment, and the assignment can be manually updated every time you take attendance. The attendance assignment is only available in the instructor view; students do not see the assignment.

Future K-State Attendance app features are being worked on now. A section management feature will be available in 2018.