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Students, showcase your work with an ePortfolio

by Information Technology Services

Do you have a paper or a project you’re really proud of? Do you want to share it with your friends, family, or maybe even a future employer? You can easily showcase your work by creating an ePortfolio in K-State Online.

To get started with an ePortfolio:

  1. Click Account in the left-hand global navigation of K-State Online.
  2. Select ePortfolio.
  3. Click Create an ePortfolio.

For step-by-step instructions, view the guide How do I create a new ePortfolio as a student.

It’s that simple. Now you are ready to add the content to your ePortfolio. With an ePortfolio you can:

  • Showcase your best work from multiple courses
  • Talk about all the thought and work that went into your submissions
  • Display the papers you’re proud of for everyone to see
  • Gather an overview of your education experience as a whole
  • Share your work with friends and family
  • Provide a professional assessment of your skills for future employers

Once you’ve created an ePortfolio you can control who sees it by choosing to make your ePortfolio public or private. You can also download the contents of your ePortfolio to a zip file.

Your ePortfolio will remain active, even after you leave K-State. All you need to do is maintain an active eID and password.

K-State Online Canvas hosts ePortfolios for each student. An ePortfolio is a website where students can upload their assignments, projects, and any of their professional and academic work to showcase their learning process. The ePortfolio can include artifacts that your upload, or that you’ve submit to your Canvas courses.