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Auto-update temporarily unavailable for LISTSERV mailing lists

by Information Technology Services

K-State’s LISTSERV service  is working and sending mail to all  current  LISTSERV recipients. However, after the Hale fire, the service that automatically updates existing lists and allows the generation of new populations for  LISTSERV mailing lists has stopped functioning.

Because of critical university needs, key mailing lists have been given special consideration and are being updated daily:

  • registrar-l (all enrolled students)
  • today-l (K-State Today)
  • todaystudents-l (Students K-State Today) 

Fixing the auto-population of LISTSERV mailing lists is a high priority for ITS, but we cannot guarantee restoration of this feature for all auto-updated lists by the start of fall semester 2018. If you own a list that is auto-updated and it is critical that this list continue to be auto-updated, please contact Amanda Tross (atross@k-state.edu, 785-532-4370).

LISTSERV mailing lists that are updated manually by the list owners are working properly and can still be updated manually. K-Staters can still create new LISTSERV mailing lists as long as the lists are manually managed by the list owner(s).

If you need additional help, contact the IT Help Desk at 785-532-7722.