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K-State Online: Updates from the summer

by Information Technology ServicesK-State Online Info graphic

Several updates have been made to K-State Online during the summer months. Highlights from the summer are listed below. To see all the new features and fixed bugs in Canvas, view the Canvas Release Notes.

As a result of the Hale Library fire on May 22, Library and IT services have been relocated across campus. As part of the relocation, a new Scantron machine is located just outside the Cat’s Pause Lounge on the second floor of the K-State Student Union. The K-State Online Scantron workflow remains the same. To learn more about Scantron, go to K-State Online Scantron.

The following updates have been made in K-State Online:

  • Mediasite Upgrade — A variety of enhancements were part of the upgrade including: adoption of a native Play-Cover image in the player, in-video quizzing, and User Channels became Mediasite Channels. To learn about all the enhancements, view the Mediasite upgrade July 3 article.
  • Announcements — When users are allowed to comment in announcements in a course, the Allow Users to Comment option is persistent and displays the same option set in the previous announcement. This change assists instructors so they don’t have to change the comment option for each announcement they create. This setting is associated with the user context and not the course context. If an instructor changes the comment setting in one course and creates an announcement in another course, the same comment setting will apply.
  • Right-to-Left Language Support — Canvas now supports right-to-left languages including Arabic, Hebrew, and Persian languages. When one of these languages is chosen in Canvas, all navigational elements and text components are repositioned right-to-left in the Canvas interface.
  • Anonymous Grading — When anonymous grading is enabled in a course, content creators can create assignments with the option to hide student names from graders.
  • Ratings View — When grading an assignment with a non-scoring rubric in SpeedGrader, instructors select ratings from the rubric for students to view, but points are not associated with each of the ratings. When students view the rubric from their Grades page or from the Submission Details page, they can view the instructor’s selected ratings for each criterion.
  • Student To Do List View — The Dashboard includes an option to view all course tasks in a list format. This view is currently only available to students. In addition to displaying automatically populated graded To Do items, the List view allows instructors to add non-graded items to the To Do list and students to add their own items to the To Do items. This change helps students manage all tasks across all their courses in a user-friendly format that also allows for user customization.
  • New Scheduler Workflow Enforcement — The New Scheduler feature option has been enabled for all institutions currently using the Scheduler feature in the Calendar. Institutions using Scheduler view an updated Scheduler interface with improved functionality. Institutions not using the Scheduler will not be affected. This update allows instructors and students to more intuitively view and manage appointment groups created for a course.
  • iClicker Sync — Support for enhanced grade sync with iClicker Cloud (not applicable for iClicker Classic) is now available with “iClicker Sync” in Canvas. “iClicker Sync” allow for individual sessions in iClicker Cloud to be uploaded as individual assignments in Canvas.

To keep up-to-date on the latest news, view the K-State Online webpage.