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K-State Online October updates

by Information Technology ServicesK-State Online Info graphic

Updates to Canvas were released on Oct. 27. Canvas operates on a monthly release cycle, with features added or updated every three weeks.

To see all the new features and fixed bugs, view the complete October Release Notes. In addition to the Canvas release, Information Technology Services releases updates to services and integrations with K-State Online through the month as necessary.

The following updates have been made in K-State Online:

  • Analytics Beta — Analytics Beta is an LTI tool that provides improved analytics for tracking student data using an interactive chart or table. Analytics Beta will eventually replace current course and account analytics. However, Analytics Beta and the current course Analytics functionality can be used concurrently. Course Grade is the first feature available within Analytics Beta. Course Grade allows instructors to view the average course grade for all course data using an interactive chart or table. Additionally, instructors can filter analytics results to compare the average course grade with a specific section, student, or assignment.

    • Card Data Details — Detail can be viewed for any data graph point or data table percentage by clicking the data point or percentage. Detail metrics can be viewed for the assignment and display in a summary card.
    • Message Students Who — Messages can be sent to students whose grades or submissions are within specific criteria. All students can be messaged at one time, and selection criteria will be applied to students’ performance on all assignments. The student selection is based on student scores and submission status.
    • Table CSV Export — Analytics Beta allows data to be exported as a CSV file. CSV data is exported according to the filtered data in the chart or data table.
    • Student Table The Student table displays below the chart or data table, which displays all students within a specific filter.

  • Google Drive and Microsoft Office Assignment Submission Status — Students and instructors can view the status of Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365 assignment submission file uploads.

    • Students can view the status of a file upload from the assignment details page. Successful submissions display a link to download the document. Unsuccessful submissions display an Upload Failed icon. Submissions that are queued for upload display an Uploading icon.
    • Instructors can view the status of a student’s assignment submission in the Gradebook. The score column displays a submission icon for successful uploads, an Upload Failed icon for failed uploads, and an Uploading icon for queued submissions.