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Canvas January updates

by Information Technology Services

Updates to Canvas were released on Jan. 26. To see all the new features and fixed bugs, view the complete January Release Notes.

The following updates have been made in Canvas:

  • SpeedGrader — When used within a rubric, additional comments can be added for a rubric directly in the SpeedGrader sidebar. Comments are displayed directly below each criterion. This change consolidates commenting within the SpeedGrader sidebar and aligns functionality of all other SpeedGrader comment types.

    • Course Import — Commons import notices have been changed to alerts. Screen readers can read import messages. Additionally, IMSCC download links include the name of the file being downloaded for screen readers.
    • Courses — In the Published column, the published state of a course is read to screen readers as yes or no.
    • General — The focus outline weight throughout Canvas has been increased from 1px to 2px.
    • People — Section edit searches display the section name and the user count.
  • Downloaded File Names and Spaces — When a file was downloaded from a course, the file was downloaded with the file name instead of the display name. Additionally, any spaces within the name were replaced with a plus symbol, which was inconsistent when uploading files. Canvas code has been updated to use display names and retain spaces in file downloads.

Reminder: Any hyperlinks in courses or websites that link to public.online.ksu.edu need to be changed to canvas.ksu.edu.