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IT Update

June is a favorite time of year with freshman and transfer students and families Updatesvisiting campus, some for the first time. During Orientation and Enrollment, ITS in conjunction with Hale Libraries and Housing and Dining are staffing a booth and sharing information about available services and the reopening of the first floor of Hale for fall semester.


Chad Currier was named COO/Deputy CIO for Enterprise Technology and remains CISO. Betsy Draper has been named Deputy CIO for Strategy, Planning and Enterprise Architecture. 

Two pending decisions are for the Deputy CIO for Emerging Technology and Innovation and the Deputy CIO for Business Intelligence and Analytics positions. 

Service Operations

IT continues with Duo, two-factor authentication, deployment. About 4,983 employees have enrolled in DUO.

The data center relocation project is in its third week partnering with Amazon Web Services for migration planning.

Networking and Telecommunications Services (NTS) have been updating the controllers on the wireless network throughout campus.

Updates to the Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) project can be found on the Admissions CRM Project blog.

McCain Auditorium is upgrading to a new ticketing system, AudienceView for the 2019-2020 season.  ITS will assist with setup and configuration. 

The antivirus page has been updated encouraging individuals to uninstall Trend Micro  www.ksu.edu/its/antivirus. The Trend Micro servers were retired on June 14. 

Coming soon are objectives and tactical plans to the IT  Strategic Plan.


Checkout the ITS events calendar for more information on available training sessions.


Comparison of Phishing Scams and Compromised eIDs 

YTD 2019 YTD 2018 YTD 2017
Compromised eIDs 152 195 1547
Phishing scams 509 190 487
Phishing scam tickets processed 1300 573 2336