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Microsoft Teams for teaching and learning

Microsoft Teams is a communication tool for groups, teams, or departments. Teams is a workspace for communication, meetings, file sharing, and app sharing.

Teams has recently enabled a Class Team type, with assignment/quiz features, a gradebook, and other aspects that can be used for teaching and learning. Final grades will still have to be submitted through Canvas and affirmed in KSIS or input directly into KSIS, to meet privacy and accessibility guidelines. Canvas is the officially supported learning management system with KSIS integrations. Other systems such as Teams are available but have limited support.

Based on feedback from faculty, K-Staters have been using Teams for various types of teaching and learning applications, most often as a complement to existing teaching and learning methods (face-to-face, blended, and fully online). Many third-party content creators have also created shareable assignments and quizzes and applications that may be integrated.

To learn more about using Teams for teaching and learning, view the following Knowledge Base articles:

To learn more about Teams, view K-State’s Office 365 website, and join the KSU Teams Support space in Teams for Teams community support.