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IT News

Update on infrastructure improvements and cloud migrations

As part of the IT Strategic Plan that includes a cloud-first strategy and modernizing the data center, K-State continues to make progress on both fronts. Some of our accomplishments over the past six months include:

  • Retiring the HP Cluster, which allows for continued migrations to the cloud.
  • Partnering with K-State Polytechnic on the CommVault backup system.
  • Upgrading the cloud databases for KSIS, HRIS, and Undergraduate. Admissions Application system, uAchieve DARS (Degree Auditing Reporting System), CTAM (supports GoArmyEd), and JobApp (online student job portal for Information Technology).
  • Using AWS AppStream for KSIS, HRIS, and uAchieve DARS.
  • Migrating Fjord to improve security and resiliency.

As of July 23, 2020, only 333 virtual machines remain in the Hale Library Data Center. Upcoming projects include removal of unused/retired equipment and the following in progress migrations or upgrades:

  • Teval (K-State course evaluations).
  • EIS (Global Campus’s course search).
  • ExpanSIS (Institute for Academic Alliances’s course management system).
  • SGA Elections (K-State Student Governing Association’s online voting system).
  • K-State Web Pages.
  • Identity Management.
  • Telecom (K-State telecommunication billing system).
  • ImageNow (K-State’s document management system).
  • Multiple behind-the-scenes services.

Recently, IT staff were asked about the benefits of moving to the cloud and resounding positives centered around cost optimization, reducing the footprint of the on-premise data center, increased opportunities for growth and professional development, and increased interaction with IT staff from across campus.