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Author: Matthew Maynard

United States to attempt to dethrone China with world’s fastest supercomputer

China has the world’s fastest supercomputer in 2015, but in 10 years it might not be able to say the same. On July 29, President Obama signed an executive order calling for the U.S. to build the world’s fastest computer by the year 2025. The supercomputer would be 20 times quicker than the current leading machine, which is  the Tianhe-2 in China’s National Computer Center located in Guangzhou.

This new supercomputer would be capable of making one quintillion (a billion billion) calculations per second, also known as one exaflop. The National Strategic Computing Initiative (NSCI) is a collaborative strategy to research and build the computer.

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The future: Batteries with indefinite lifespan

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has been known around the tech community as being ahead of the curve, but what it has achieved in partnership with Samsung may be the beginning of a revolution. MIT and Samsung recently announced they have found a way to make batteries with an “indefinite” lifespan by replacing an existing liquid electrolyte substance with solid electrolyte material.

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Windows 10 update for university-owned computers

by Eric Dover

On July 29, Microsoft will be releasing its new operating system, Windows 10. For university-owned computers, it is recommended not to upgrade to the new operating system for at least six months or until K-State can thoroughly test university systems compatibility with the new operating system.  Continue reading “Windows 10 update for university-owned computers”