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Update on infrastructure improvements and cloud migrations

As part of the IT Strategic Plan that includes a cloud-first strategy and modernizing the data center, K-State continues to make progress on both fronts. Some of our accomplishments over the past six months include:

  • Retiring the HP Cluster, which allows for continued migrations to the cloud.
  • Partnering with K-State Polytechnic on the CommVault backup system.
  • Upgrading the cloud databases for KSIS, HRIS, and Undergraduate. Admissions Application system, uAchieve DARS (Degree Auditing Reporting System), CTAM (supports GoArmyEd), and JobApp (online student job portal for Information Technology).
  • Using AWS AppStream for KSIS, HRIS, and uAchieve DARS.
  • Migrating Fjord to improve security and resiliency.

As of July 23, 2020, only 333 virtual machines remain in the Hale Library Data Center. Upcoming projects include removal of unused/retired equipment and the following in progress migrations or upgrades:

  • Teval (K-State course evaluations).
  • EIS (Global Campus’s course search).
  • ExpanSIS (Institute for Academic Alliances’s course management system).
  • SGA Elections (K-State Student Governing Association’s online voting system).
  • K-State Web Pages.
  • Identity Management.
  • Telecom (K-State telecommunication billing system).
  • ImageNow (K-State’s document management system).
  • Multiple behind-the-scenes services.

Recently, IT staff were asked about the benefits of moving to the cloud and resounding positives centered around cost optimization, reducing the footprint of the on-premise data center, increased opportunities for growth and professional development, and increased interaction with IT staff from across campus.

IT Update

In June, things really start to heat up inside and outside. Some of the many projects either completed or in the works follow. 

Networking and Telecommunications Services (NTS) is working to improve the IT infrastructure while there are fewer individuals on campus. Infrastructure projects include:

  • Completed the KDA Lab building network installation
  • Working with contractors and design teams in Hale Library, Snyder Family Stadium, the Multicultural Center and McCain Auditorium
  • Continued renovation and wiring projects in Mosier, Derby, Weber, Leasure and Call Hall
  • Install county-wide public safety radio system
  • Planning AV upgrades for Olathe and centrally supported classrooms
  • Planning for the WSU Nursing program in Justin
  • Working with Riley County Emergency Management to upgrade the campus 911 system

In support of business continuity, NTS developed voice solutions for campus offices with IP phones, soft phones configuring EC500 licenses and assisting with call forwarding.  Continue reading “IT Update”

IT Update


In May, we honor our graduates, especially poignant this year, as our ceremonies are virtual and vary with each college. Congratulations to our K-State graduates. To our graduating seniors who have worked in Information Technology Services and seen it all, disruptions due to the fire on the roof of Hale and COVID-19. Hats off to all of you!

Staff changes in the Business Intelligence, Analytics, and Enterprise Applications unit under the direction of Deputy CIO Jan Elsasser are:

Darci Pottroff was named Director of Application Services. She will provide strategic and operational direction for the enterprise and administrative application systems.

Nick Austin was named Senior Director of Data Operations. He will provide strategic and operational direction for data operations and content services applications.

From March 23 – May 8, here are some quick statistics on the use of tools for remote teaching, learning, research, and outreach.

MS Teams

  • 339 K-Staters completed the training
  • 3,386 meetings were held
  • 6,217 calls were made
  • 355,487 private chats


  • 9,521 presentations were authored
  • 9.82 TB of storage was consumed
Zoom Usage Statistics – March 23 to May 8
New Users 5,115
Meetings 65,528
Participants 496,963
Meeting Minutes 23,164,661*

*May 7-highest usage Continue reading “IT Update”

IT Update

April 2020 brings reinvention and the ever-increasing use of tools such as Canvas, Mediasite, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams among our academic community as we teach, learn, and work remotely.

The number of new users on Zoom grew from 482 in February to 5,262 in March. The number of session minutes on Zoom was about 897,000 in January compared to over 4.8 million minutes in March. In the first seven days of April, K-Staters have used over 2.1 million minutes. The use of Microsoft Teams is exploding, and IT staff have ramped up to provide a support site and training.

Zoom Usage Statistics January – April 7, 2020

New Users Meetings Participants Meeting Minutes
January 602 3,524 18,538 897,058
February 482 4,271 21,976 1,107,809
March 5,262 16,283 112,531 4,844,047
April 629 6,401 48,914 2,163,031

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IT Update

The Ides of March are upon us.

Big news this month is the planned opening of the second floor of Hale with 99 computers, five printers, a book scanner, lots of study space and the combined Library and IT Help Desks. Updates are organized by the strategic goals within the IT Strategic Plan.

The Deputy CIOs are reengineering their respective units. The overarching organizational chart is available here.

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IT Update

Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow and an early spring is predicted. Regardless of the weather, IT continues with AWS – MRP workstreams, updates to the infrastructure, readying the second floor of Hale, evaluating IT services and much more. The updates are organized by the strategic goals within the IT Strategic Plan.

The Deputy CIOs continue to rethink the organization of their respective units. The overarching organizational chart is available here.

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