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Distance education giveaway website relaunched

The K-State Division of Continuing Education has relaunched its distance education giveaway website and is now providing new, downloadable items for K-Staters, kids, co-workers, friends and all K-State sports fans.

Initially made public in 2007, the website was developed to offer distance-accessible K-State items to individuals developing an interest in K-State’s distance education opportunities, as well as those who had graduated and were considering the university’s professional development options. It also served as a tool to increase K-State’s presence through viral marketing.  Continue reading “Distance education giveaway website relaunched”

University Web editor meeting Nov. 7

By Bill Herndon

The next university Web editor meeting will be 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Monday, Nov. 7, in the Town Hall Room of the Leadership Studies Building. Jim Mock, director of video production services, will be presenting to the group about the use of video on websites.

Click here for more information.

(Editor’s note: Reprinted from K-State Today’s article published Nov. 2, 2011.)

Tech tip: Free dotEPUB converts any webpage into an e-book

logo for dotEPUB websitedotEPUB  is “software in the cloud” that avid readers will appreciate.  Eric Dover, Client Services manager in iTAC, recommended this free tool for K-Staters who like to save complete webpages for offline reading later — such as extensive articles, news stories, long blogs, and more.

But it’s not an add-on or an app.  This nebulous tool is a bookmarklet for Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera web browsers. (Chrome users can opt to download the dotEPUB extension from the Chrome store instead.)

Once content is downloaded, it can be viewed by any epub-compatible device, including  Kindle and other e-readers, desktop computers, tablets, the iPhone and other smartphones, iPod touch, iPads, and more.

  1. (iPad users:  First get the free iBooks app or another e-reader, so you have a place to store downloaded content.)
  2. Everyone: Go to the dotepub.com website.
  3. The default is NOT to include images and links on webpages.  If you want to see pictures and follow links to websites, uncheck the box “Immersive mode (no links or images)”.
  4. Follow the instructions for your particular e-device, such as drag-and-drop the “dot E PUB” logo (most web browsers); copy-and-paste the supplied Javascript code (iPads); and so forth.

For more information, visit the dotepub.com website and watch the 2-minute dotEPUB video on YouTube.

New webpage for forms to request IT services

Forms for many ITS services are now available in one location on the ITS website for you to quickly scan, review, and submit requests:

  • Enrollment-based mailing list
  • Email alias
  • E-note university memo
  • File restoration for central email and folders
  • Group eID
  • K-State internal mailing list
  • LAN Technologies file restoration
  • LISTSERV mailing list
  • Project space
  • Special access eID (general use, incomplete student, and K-State Alerts)
  • Survey population
  • Webpage registration

Many of these forms were previously available on the Computing and Telecommunications Services website. If necessary, update your bookmarks to point to www.k-state.edu/its/forms.

Free tool: Firebug (web development tools)

Price: Free (freeware)

• Firefox web browser
• PC, Mac, or Linux

Where to get it: See the “Installing” section below

What it is: Firebug is an HTML/Style Sheet debugging add-in for the Firefox web browser.

What it does: “Firebug integrates with Firefox to put a wealth of web development tools at your fingertips while you browse. You can edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML, and JavaScript live in any web page.” (taken from the Firebug website: getfirebug.com/whatisfirebug)

Feature highlights

  1. Inspect and modify HTML code in real time through Firefox
  2. JavaScript debugger
  3. Network usage and performance metrics
  4. Tools to aid in CSS layout and formats

Continue reading “Free tool: Firebug (web development tools)”

Q/A: Best weather websites or resources?

What are the best websites for weather resources? There’s too many to choose from!

This may be a frequent question given the near-blizzard conditions now in Kansas. One option is to check Google’s Weather links at www.google.com/Top/News/Weather, which contains weather categories and also 40+ specific weather-related sites (no doubt some you’ve never heard of). The big advantages are that you can:

  • Skim one-line descriptions of each site
  • Sort websites by alphabetical order or by Google PageRank (how popular a site is)

Continue reading “Q/A: Best weather websites or resources?”

AccessTech: K-Access taking content to the next level of useability

You can compose a document for a class you are teaching on your phone, iPad, netbook, tablet PC, iPod, or on the desktop computer in your office.  You can even edit files online or on one of your devices.  But have you ever thought about the structure of your documents?  Did you know that many people depend not on the format of the document, but on the code that builds your document’s structure?  Content for your course only begins with aesthetics.  Underneath the Word document, PowerPoint, or PDF lies amazing amounts of code.  Depending on the software and tools you use to create your document, you can choose whether a graphic is only read by human eyes or you can create content with usable text that can be read by a computer for someone with a disability.  (Read more about screen readers next month!)

Continue reading “AccessTech: K-Access taking content to the next level of useability”

EDUCAUSE webinar Nov. 5: Campus Computing Project

Noon-1 p.m. Friday, Nov. 5, EDUCAUSE will be conducting a webinar discussing its Campus Computing Project and the two decades of data and analysis it comprises. Those who would like to attend are welcome to come to 401 Hale Library. More information can be found at the event website at net.educause.edu/LIVE1030.

Registration is free, so those who prefer to attend from their office can just follow the above link.

Video tour of University Life Café website

Brent Anders, electronic media coordinator for the Office of Mediated Education, has created a new video to highlight the many new features and capabilities of the University Life Café website.

With the help of several actors, green screen / chroma key technologies, support of K-State Communications and Marketing (at Dole Hall), and some creative editing, the following video was created to invite students and staff to participate and contribute to the University Life Café site.

eID registration simplified; new help site available

New K-State students, employees, and others should now have an easier time registering for a K-State eID through eProfile. The registration process has been streamlined and has several advantages:

  • Fewer steps to complete
  • When choosing an eID, the person can pick from several options based on their name or enter their own cpassword checkerustom eID.
  • Passwords are checked against K-State security requirements as they are typed. A red “X” is displayed until the password meets security requirements; then a green “OK” is displayed. Continue reading “eID registration simplified; new help site available”