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Spotlight Q/A with Barbara Pearson: Redesign of the University Life Café

The University Life Café originated at K-State to support the mental well-being of K-State students. It was launched in February 2009. Eight months after its launch, it went through a redesign based on user needs — to make the contents more accessible and engaging. The layout of the site changed along with the navigational structure. The site was also re-branded for more of a K-State “look-and-feel.”


Original design of UniversityLifeCafe.org


New design of UniversityLifeCafe.org

Question: What is the purpose of the University Life Cafe? For students and for faculty/staff?

Barbara Pearson: The University Life Café is a Web 2.0-based site created by and for K-State students to promote emotional wellness, and academic success leading to increased academic retention. Primary goals of the website are raising awareness of personal well-being as a factor of academic success and de-stigmatizing help-seeking.

UniversityLifeCafe.org is a K-State virtual community where all students can connect and contribute by posting photos, pictures, artwork, articles, and information, and interacting with peers and K-State Counseling Services professionals through the online discussion board.

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