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Student demand for MDC technology goes up at semester’s end

The Media Development Center in 213 Hale Library experiences a spike in demand as the end of semester nears, with few empty seats in sight and students crowding around large-screen monitors working on group projects.

Composite image of photos taken December 2010 showing students using the Media Development Center
Students doing group projects in the Media Development Center near the end of fall semester 2010

Spotlight: Snowball microphone available for checkout

photo of new softball-sized microphone
New Blue Snowball microphone with mini-tripod available for checkout

The Blue Snowball microphone is a new piece of equipment now available at Equipment Checkout, next to the IT Help Desk in Room 214, Hale Library.

The Snowball is a high-quality microphone that’s designed to be used with its accompanying mini-tripod to:

  • Record anything from a podcast to a musical instrument
  • Record with just about any audio recording program
  • Connect to a computer via a USB port
  • Work with both PCs and Macs

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Spotlight: Zoom Q3 video recorder

photo of blue Zoom video recorder
Zoom Q3 pocket-sized video recorder

The Zoom Q3 Handy Video Recorder is a pocket-sized video recorder that records MP4 video clips. It retails for about $200. What sets this versatile video recorder apart from other similarly sized recorders is its exceptional audio quality. The Q3 has built in stereo condenser microphones that provide broadcast-quality audio.

The video and audio are also easily imported into a computer using the built-in USB cable or an SD card.

The Zoom can be checked out at no charge by students and faculty at the iTAC equipment check-out desk in 214 Hale Library.

Free multimedia mini-classes: Photoshop, Dreamweaver, ProTools, iMovie

The following free, one-hour classes are scheduled this fall in the Media Development Center (MDC) in 213 Hale Library. Classes are open to all K-Staters, and no registration is needed. Most topics are offered on two dates to afford K-Staters more opportunities to attend.

Intro to Photoshop — 6-7 p.m. — Oct. 24 (Sun), Nov. 14 (Sun)
This class will help patrons understand the basics of Adobe Photoshop.

Introduction to iMovie — 6:30-7:30 p.m. — Oct. 25 (Mon), Nov. 29 (Mon)
This class will teach the basics of video editing using iMovie HD.

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K-State voicemail upgrade coming Jan. 8, 2010

The current voicemail system (Audix) will be retired and replaced with a new voicemail system (Modular Messaging). The current target date for the new system’s release is Jan. 8.

When the conversion to the new voicemail system occurs, all voicemail users will be required to set up their new accounts with a new password and personal greeting.

Features to come after the new voicemail system’s release include:

  • Voice recognition
  • Web-based voicemail retrieval
  • Ability to retrieve voicemail using an e-mail client

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