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July and August IT training calendar online

iTAC’s IT training calendar is now online. All classes are free for K-State faculty, staff, and graduate students, but require pre-registration. Details are on the specific registration pages. Courses include:

  • Various K-State Online classes
  • Introduction to HTML
  • Introduction to Dreamweaver
  • Introduction to Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
  • Working with CSS in Dreamweaver

Alternative for Oracle Calender access on a BlackBerry

A lot of folks have been using the application SyncJE to sync their BlackBerry with the K-State Oracle Calender system, with varying levels of success. A work-around for those experiencing issues is to check your K-State Oracle Calender from the BlackBerry web browser.

To do this, go to the kcalendar.ksu.edu address in the web browser and sign in with your K-State eID and password. The formatting is not perfect, but you’ll be able to see appointments for the day as well as past and future appointment information.

Q/A: Video conferencing and LISTSERV

Every week, readers send questions to TellTuesday@k-state.edu, the IT newsletter’s input channel. From time to time, questions (paraphrased) and answers will be shared that relate to a broad range of K-Staters.

Q: We are planning for a conference to be held at K-State. Who do I ask about video conferencing capabilities?

A: Contact the Video/Audio Conferencing service at 785-532-5995 or


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BlackBerry calendar-sync webpage updated

The online guide to syncing BlackBerry calendars with K-State’s Oracle calendar using SyncJE has been updated. It includes instructions on how to install and configure the SyncJE syncing software on a BlackBerry. K-Staters who have been having issues with calendar syncing on their BlackBerry should check that page to see if any of the changes impact them.